Why Buy Air Compressors?

Buy air compressors as the air-based equipment that do air jobs such as inflation of tires, deflating balloons, filling air-filled bottles or bags, cleaning air filters etc. These air compressors are also used in many industries such as automotive, chemical, electrical, mining, pulp and lube, rubber and pipe industry. Most of these compressors work on the principle of reciprocating compression. In order to understand the working of air compressor, you must first know what it is for. This device uses a continuous positive displacement pump to compress or in other words, it generates pressure in air by compressing its inlet air fuel mixture (usually a natural gas) to a specific shape by a rotary or linear process. Once the shape is finalized, the pressure generated in the cylinder or barrel becomes equal to the output pressure obtained after the compressions are complete.


Many manufacturers manufacture different models of compressors for different applications. The performance of these compressors can be measured in pounds per square inch or PSI. PSI is usually measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. Compressors with high PSI produce a higher pressure and hence high temperature inside the system. Therefore, it is advisable not to use air compressors with low PSI if you want to use the compressor at home for inflating household items like mattress and pillows. High PSI air compressors are mainly used for industrial and commercial purposes to inflate tires and balloons.


There are two types of compressors available in the market; namely, permanent magnet or permanent cycle and electric compressors. Electric air compressors are very popular, as they do not require manual intervention while functioning and can save a lot of time. These portable devices are very user friendly and are compact in size. They can be easily carried from place to place because they have wheels on one side. Since there are many air compressors available in the market and you will have to decide which one is best suitable for your usage, it is advisable to do some research over the internet to find out about the pros and cons of different air compressors.

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