Moses Baskets – Why Choose One?

A Moses Basket is a unique baby crib designed with a Moses design. The name “Moses” comes from the story of Moses, who was placed in a basket on Mount Sinai to protect him from thegyptian cats. A Moses basket, a bassinet, or cradle typically consists of a metal frame, a ladder, and a bed. While cradles tend to have rolling casters or fixed feet, bassinets are commonly designed with casters or pontoons. A Moses basket or bassinet typically has a covered bottom, making it less desirable than most other types of cribs.

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Choosing a cot to accompany a Moses basket is not as simple as most parents think. A plastic cot is more likely to break under heavy use, and may not be as sturdy as a wooden or metal one. Metal is the most durable, but most parents also want a cat that looks appealing, is easy to clean, and will remain sturdy even after several years of use. If you are looking for a durable cot that will be used for many years, a metal one may be the best choice.

Cribs with casters and handles allow parents to easily move around the Moses baskets. Most baskets have wheels on the bottom so that parents can easily move them around if necessary. Some baskets have no handles at all, allowing your child to crawl or stand on the floor within the basket. These are also very attractive and will keep your little one safe and comfortable.

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