High Jump Landing Mats – What Are They and Why Are They So Effective?

High Jump Landing Mats are a leading jump landing mat brand for recreational centres, schools and other sports facilities. Jumping is a sport that involves a number of jumps within a field or structure, many of which can be high. High Jump Landing Mats are specifically designed to make the process of jumping easier for people who wish to participate in this sport. They are made from heavy duty polyethylene plastic with a foam core. They come in a variety of sizes and are designed to provide maximum safety to those undertaking jumps.

How to Increase a Vertical Jump

The foam core provides maximum support to the gymnast during their jumps, reducing the risk of injury. The mats come with padded shoulder pads which give maximum protection in case of an accident and provide comfort for the gymnast. High Jump Landing Mats are available for both girls and boys and have been used by many athletes in different sports, including football, basketball, track and field, hockey, softball, baseball, rugby and softball. High Jump Landing Mats are not only suitable for gymnasts but also ideal for runners and recreational users, particularly those involved in contact sports such as basketball and softball.

High Jump Landing Mats are available in different colours including red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Each piece of foam has a tread pattern that provides grip on the floor. There is a special version of high jump landing mats which allow the gymnast to perform a mini-split. This is a highly demanding training exercise and comes in a very small package of five x 15ft mats which is very ideal for gymnasiums and sports centres.