An Event That Changed the Nation’s Child Development Policy

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In the year 1998, Killara, situated in Northeastern Nigeria experienced an interesting event and had gained worldwide notoriety; childcare Killara. The Killara Primary School which is one of the oldest schools in the Northeastern Nigeria was found to be holding students who were between two to five years of age, in an early learning childcare facility. The primary school has always been found to have high drop-out rates and has faced criticism from many quarters including respected educational institutions in the country such as the Catholic Church and educationist groups. Since the controversy arose, the Killara Primary School closed down.

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The reason for the closure was found to be inadequate numbers of students attending the school which had fallen below the required number stipulated by the local government. This led to the Killara Primary School being re-opened in an attempt to bring improvement to the drop-out rate, which unfortunately did not work as planned. The re-opening however did not solve the problem and further childcare facilities opened in several places in the Killara region. It was apparent that the demand for early learning childcare centres in the region was far greater than the supply.


The north-eastern part of the country has experienced a rapid growth in its economy and has seen the opening up of many new businesses. This has also had an impact on the availability of childcare in this region as well as other parts of the country. Many of the businesses in this region were established only recently and have very limited early learning childcare facilities. These businesses are focused on providing quality facilities and services in order to attract and retain local workers. It therefore stands to reason that it is for the benefit of parents to send their child to one of these early learning childcare centres rather than a traditional kindergarten or school which may not be able to accommodate the child’s needs. Sending a child to the nursery run by parents themselves would surely be preferable and could go a long way in ensuring that the child develops appropriate skills.

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